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Global Expansion Consulting

We are a full-service firm committed to helping you develop a sustainable expansion strategy that will enhance your business and foster its growth. 

Consulting Services

Consulting allows you to find solutions to one or more of your business problems or business needs, based on innovation, experience, knowledge, professional skills, methods and tools.

Real estate investments

We work with property owners and operators at all stages of the property life cycle. We are providers of restructuring, disposals and acquisitions of real estate for individuals and private companies. We help clients execute strategies to maximize the value of both healthy and distressed real estate across a wide range of sectors. We advise companies, financial institutions, investors, family offices and individuals on all types of real estate projects.

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Whether you have a well-established firm or are just starting out in business, Consulting DO can devise the ideal expansion strategy for your business. 

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Financial Strategy

Establishment of companies

Business maintenance
Human Resources Consulting

Global Labor Compliance  

Consulting Services


  • In-depth and informative analytical insights that respond to your needs and help take your organisation to the next level


  • Comprehensive internal assessments that allow businesses to take decisive and informed actions


  • Personalised tools that are designed to give the greatest impact and highlight opportunities to maximise success

Consulting DO

works directly with private sector clients, offering tailored solutions for each client’s situation and needs.